A Real Time Video Streaming Solution

For any networks



A bandwidth efficient solution for your video services

  • Optimized transmission

    Virtus encoders use a fraction of the bandwidth needed by conventional codecs.

  • Look the details

    High resolution screenshots background transfer with independent bandwidth control.

  • Centralized

    Manage all video source from your console.

  • Secure

    Strong encryption plus proprietary codec give an optimal confidentiality.

  • Interoperability

    Seamless interoperability with standard VMS thought the Gateway.

  • Work everywhere

    Not matter how much bandwidth is available, Virtus guarantee video streaming on any fixed and/or mobile and satellite.

Virtus enables a latecy-free video streaming with unmatched smoothness with minimal impact on the infrastructure.

Fixed bitrate enables early and accurate planning of the necessary network resources.


Usage scenarios

Leveraging people and assets for new modes of operation

Security, surveillance, monitoring

Enabling real-time decisions When recorded data is not enough
  • Virtus may help people to trigger decisions in real time, leveraging low-bandwidth networks.
  • Recorded videos, at the source and at the Console, would remain for post mission analysis.
  • Increase the number of cemaras without upgrade your network.

Virtual supervisor

A new approach could change scheduling of critical operations
  • Supervisors can gain from ubiquity, remotely share their virtual presence and authorize further steps in critical operations.
  • Workforce teams could request key experts help when their tasks changes from routinary to challenging.

Vehicle monitoring & guidance

Real-time video streaming enables prompt reactions even on constrained networks
  • Add video monitoring to moving assets with minimal bandwidth requirements.
  • Share video stream with other people, while piloting ROV, UAV, UGV, etc.

How it works

Virtus is based on eXpeg framework

Encoders Any Network Consoles
  • Operates in real-time (no buffering, no delays) with no application transport protocol required
  • Special "fixed bitrate" profile with a minimum bandwidth required of 6.4kbps
  • Set desired streaming bandwidth and fps with one click
  • Background transfer of high resolution screenshots or files with independent bandwidth control
  • Virtus Encoders autodiscovery
  • Many video sources supported (USB, Analog, IP Camera, Video Files, Desktop)
  • Optimized compressed PTZ commands with enhanced interaction
  • Gateway between Virtus eXpeg and H.264/MJPG to connect existing VMS (ONVIF complaint)
  • Customizable for any kind of network